The mission of the Texas Nightstalkers is to utilize the most effective technologies and tactics in scenario paintball. We are a team comprised of experienced paintball players, many of whom have seen action in the armed forces, working with some of the most state of the art equipment offered commercially to the public and the most advanced field tactics.

Internally, no one person or group of people commands the Texas Nightstalkers. Each member has an equal say, an equal standing, and an equal responsibility to his/her teammates. Texas Nightstalkers firmly believes that unity among the team contributes directly to success on the field. For that reason, Texas Nightstalkers does not accept applications to join the team. Instead, they seek out new members who fit the Texas Nightstalker profile. If you are interested in playing alongside the Texas Nightstalkers, then contact us directly through our Facebook group, Texas Nightstalker Paintball Team. Any paintball player may ‘run’ with the Nightstalkers, day and night, at their events.